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Williams has the answers

The will of Councilman John Williams’ sister was ruled by a judge to have been forged through handwriting analysis. Mr. Williams notarized this document. Since he did, he knows who forged the will.

Why doesn’t he just straighten this whole mess out?

Dollars and ‘sense’

Your numbers are wrong about the mayor's budget. You need to correct your mistake.

It was $12,000 per year that the mayor’s travel budget would increase. For that, Mayor Shaheen will promote our great city by going beyond its borders and visiting the appropriate contacts. Please give it a chance, and quit your slanted journalism. You need to promote Warner Robins and quit knocking it backwards.

(Editor’s Note: Our story reported that the travel budget for the mayor’s office would increase from $1,000 per year to $23,000 per year. That’s another way of saying his annual travel budget would increase by $12,000.)

Idiots like us

It is idiots like you that keep "stuff" stirred up. You have no clue what you are talking about.

John Williams DID NOT sign any will. He's a very intelligent (sic) man, and would not do such a thing. Before any one can be "locked up" as you stated there has to be proff (sic, again) of wrongdoing. And in this case there is none. Frankly I think people like you should be "locked up" for slandering a man’s name. Mr. Williams' only crime if you want to call it that is he wants to move this city forward. And I think is doing just that. Everyone should focus on the positive things he has accomplished.

(Editor’s Note: No one has suggested that Mr. Williams “signed” a will of any description, only that a will, purportedly signed by his late sister, was “notarized” by him. That means he personally/professionally/legally and with his own eyes attested to the authenticity of his late sister’s signature. It was the signature of Mr. Williams’s late sister which was judged to be a forgery in the court of Houston County Probate Judge Janice Spires.)

Williams is misunderstood

I can tell you why John Williams has not been arrested; because he has done nothing wrong.

First, he did not forge his sister's will.

I wish all you people would get all the facts before you try to tarnish someone's name. You know there are consequences for making false statements about someone.

If anyone else…?

Please tell me why John Williams has not had a warrant sworn out on him for forging court documents? Falsifying a will is a crime. Why is he still walking around? I agree with the gentleman in the article. Williams should resign his council post. He is a joke.

(Editor’s Note: For the record, Mr. Williams has not been found to have forged any court document.

Furthermore, this should all shake out in the next few days when attorneys for all sides in the contested will matter will file responses on behalf of their clients.)

We could do better

Don’t underestimate Neal Erwin, the resident who called for councilman John Williams to resign after Williams was peeking thru the windows into Erwin’s home on McArthur Boulevard

Well Mr. Erwin comes from a great heritage of leaders in Georgia and the United States. His second cousin was on Jimmy Carter's cabinet. His great, great, great grandfather was the governor of Georgia.

Mr. Erwin and other honest citizen's need to run an honest city instead of one that is full of crime. I think we need to encourage Mr. Erwin to run against John Williams when he is up for reelection. He could definitely get the support of a majority of voters in the community.

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