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Speak Out
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Inquiring minds

I was just wondering if any of you fine reporters would like to ask the real hard questions to city council?

Have you wondered why some of them have changed their tune? Did they tell you that Councilman Bob Wilbanks wanted to fire Gary Lee? Did you know that Councilman Lee had issue with that? Now Councilman Lee is on board with Wilbanks, and his brother's job is now saved? Wilbanks will say, "It is an employee issue we cannot discuss openly." Well, he discussed it with someone; that is how I found out. Also, why did Police Chief Brett Evans punish an officer for giving Mr. Lee a speeding ticket?

Check into the police department a little closer, and you will see where a lot of problems lay. Ask them about the office who filed an EEOC complain(t), and the chief's retaliation against him.

Do the citizen of this city some justice, and ask these hard questions that are not being asked.

(Editor’s Note: We’ve asked those questions and found them without merit. And we are asking others, which may interest you.

For example, why did Mayor Shaheen direct city comptroller Bill Harte to send a May 3 memo to Police Chief Brett Evans specifying that he and officer John Lennau would not be authorized tuition reimbursement for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2010. The memo further states that the mayor “will consider paying their tuition in 2012.”

Evans and Lennau, both career officers with the city of Warner Robins, are doctorial (PhD) candidates in Public Administration.

We’re also wondering why the mayor tried to sneak thru the back door to the Houston County Grand Jury this week, bypassing even the district attorney. (See Jake Jacobs’ front page story, “Meeting, what meeting?”) Courthouse observers are calling that little maneuver unprecedented and silly, among other things.

As you can see, then, out plate is full.)

Self-imposed term limits?

Looks as if Mayor Shaheen has stirred the pot enough to make himself a one-termer.

With the impending economic downturn the city council and mayor need to find common ground and move forward rather than constantly conducting themselves like selfish petty adolescents.

Not our bag

Just curious. I have been entertaining the idea of a recall for Mayor Chuck Shaheen plus I've heard there may be a recall afoot for John Williams.

Is there any way you can perhaps help me with proposed recall? I know he has used his influence in the past to get people fired and I heard he even wanted to silence you at one point.

(Editor’s Note: It didn’t work, did it?

As for advising on the matter of a recall, that’s not what we do. Our job is to report on what you and others may decide to do.)

Summoned to appear

I got a call from the mayor’s office last Wednesday telling me I needed to be at the Thursday city council meeting so I went. I don’t know why I went but since somebody in the mayor’s office asked me to show up, I thought it was important that I be there.

Well, now that’s it’s over I sure as hell don’t know why I needed to be there. It was about as big a waste of time as I can remember.

Give mayor a chance

The people of Warner Robins got together last year and elected Chuck Shaheen to be our mayor. And if you ask me, the members of the city council should be following the mayor’s lead and let him do what he thinks is best for his and our city.

But, no. All of the council members are interested only in putting in their two-cents worth and kicking the mayor to the curb and making it look like he doesn’t know how to do his job.

For all the world to see

Can you tell me how our city ever got into the fix it is in today? I mean, you were at the charade of a city council meeting last Thursday and weren’t you embarrassed about what has become of our town?

This mayor is off the charts but I wasn’t convinced of it until I saw his vindictiveness at work at that meeting. I was clear that anybody who disagrees with him is going to be in his doghouse.

Do you know for a fact he even made it out of grade school? He sure didn’t act like it the other night.

Hudnall critiqued

It never cease to amaze me when I see people who because of the fact that they can write columns in newspapers do take advantage of the situation to trash a business based on a single visit.

True food critics usually take into consideration that consistency is a very important factor and do usually visit your place two or three times. Obviously that was not the case for Ms. JaLynn Hudnall.

This woman who thinks she is a food critic came to my restaurant and wrote an out of character column about the food that was served to her one night. Anyone who will take the time to read all the reviews written about my restaurant for the past thirteen years will agree with me that Ms. Hudnall has no class, she is in my opinion a third class writer who writes for a second class newspaper. Obviously the hamburger she had for lunch that day was still in a back of her throat and somehow got mixed up with the scallops that were served to her that evening.

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