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Georgia Eagle Media, Inc. hhas the only locally owned and operated multi-media company in the Robins region. Under one roof, we offer a locally focused television station, radio stations, and a community newspaper published online. Long ago, other nearby broadcasting and media companies moved to and turned their focus toward Macon. Georgia Eagle, however, is focused upon and committed to the growth and health of Warner Robins, Houston County, and the Robins region. In addition to our Warner Robins and Houston County television and radio stations, we also operate several radio stations strategically located in adjacent counties from which people come to Houston County to shop, dine, find entertainment, and purchase goods and services.

Georgia Eagle also owns and operates Warner Robins' hometown newspaper, The Warner Robins Patriot, published daily at www.warnerrobinspatriot.com. In 2010, Georgia Eagle began operations of the first television station licensed to and operated from Warner Robins, WRWR-TV 38. WRWR-TV 38 broadcasts the largest number of local programming hours of any station in the Robins Region including the only local news from Warner Robins, Newsnight on the Patriot, weeknights from 5:30-8 PM and from 10-11:30 PM. Only Georgia Eagle offers businesses all of this local media in one locally owned and operated company: Radio, Newspaper online in the form more people now read their news, and Television, covering local news, highs school sports, and Robins Air Force Base like no one else.

Georgia Eagle Media is uniquely positioned to help businesses in Warner Robins, Houston County, and throughout the Robins region prosper and succeed. If your customers and clients are in Warner Robins and Houston County, we can help. We have the largest news team covering the Robins region and we are your source for high school sports for Warner Robins, Northside, Houston County, Veterans, and Perry high schools. Our television and radio stations reach the demographics and listeners, both in Houston County and surrounding counties, who are most likely to patronize your business. Our rates are incredibly competitive, especially when compared with Macon radio and television stations that target audiences who are not likely to travel to Houston County to spend their money.

For these reasons, Georgia Eagle stations and The Warner Robins Patriot.com should be part of the advertising and marketing plans of most businesses in the Robins region. In a very cost-effective way, we can tailor a plan to reach consumers who are most likely to spend their money with your business. Using the power of radio, the Internet, and television, with creative spots, and frequency we can make sure that our viewers, listeners, and readers think of your business when it comes time for them to make a purchase of your product or service.

Our goal is simple. Georgia Eagle Media will help your business prosper and succeed.

Call us and let us show you our easy it is to put our great television and radio stations, and website to work for your business. We'll help you reach your goals and win. Count on it!

Georgia Eagle Media, Inc.
1350 Radio Loop
Warner Robins, Georgia 31088
478-923-3416 (Office)
478-923-3236 (Fax)
Sales Department Email: [email protected]

In addition to WarnerRobinsPatriot.com and WRWR TV 38, our radio stations include News/Talk WRWR-FM 07.5, WRWR-AM 1350 News, and ESPN 99.9.

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