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Williams has excellent record

Warner Robins City Councilman John Williams, who has been a progressive voice for 30 months, appears to have allowed personal difficulties to cloud his excellent record. Now the mystery of his city cell phone and its whereabouts and its being found and his brief trip to jail have him immersed in a delicate situation that doesn't look good.

He has acted financially responsibly in council meetings, unlike Councilman Bob Wilbanks.

Good luck, John!

Remove him!

City councilman John Williams should step down and I mean ASAP. If this had been a normal person arrested on these charges he/she would have to make bond. Why is Mr. Williams given special treatment and others would had to make bond? Makes me sick and so does John Williams.

Praying for the truth

There is definitely something fishy here and I am sure it will all come out in good time. Warner Robins is a very political little city that thinks real big, but actually it all does not amount to doodie squat.

While there are some great officers with WRPD working for us, it's like every other profession these days, it's hard to get 100%. I 'spet this is going to get pretty deep too. Alligators are already up to the ankles here.

God Bless you, John; we'll all be praying for you and that justice is served accordingly and rightfully and the truth be brought into the light.

Doesn’t belong on council

It's about time this idiot stumbled into a jail. He's pushed the limits with several brushes with the law already. I bet Shaheen don't ask him to take a leave of absence because he's afraid Johnny will sing like a canary. He's lucky he isn't getting sued too for slandering the good councilmen...or is he? !

Keep watching

I feel that Councilman John Williams is a threat to the citizens of Warner Robins. I trust the police in town here; they are good I respect the work they do.

For shame!

What a shame that Warner Robins government has become such a circus. It gives the entire county a bad name.

Flirting with trouble

I use to work in Building 169 when employees made coffee and tea within steps of an employees sanding. In regards to safety management has made a 360-degree turn around in that building.

Everyone needs to wake up before we become the next Kelly AFB which we are at Robins are being referred to. It is also time to get a Union that works with the employees and management and not against it. Or we can continue the way we are going and all be moving to Tinker or Hill.

Act before it’s too late

Compared to the other ALCs Robins has more grievances (70% to 20%), more physically limited employees and is ranked last after the other ALCs. Is everyone aware Robins is being referred to as the "next Kelly AFB"?

The sad part is most of those grievances aren't for good valid reasons - but if a BRAC came up next year they wouldn't care. A grievance is a grievance...they all count.

We all know that those who work at Robins AFB have a good job, one that others would love to have. If you have a valid grievance than by all means file it. But if your just filing grievances because you are trying to find a way not to give a days wage for a days pay - quit your job. Or consider swapping jobs with the thousands and people in Middle Georgia and beyond who would love to have your position at Robins AFB, a position most of us will covet if we don't straighten up our act by the next BRAC!

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