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Speak Out
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I’m just saying…

You get one more chance, Cranshaw. You tell us we ought to listen to radio station 107.5 FM but what I hear in the afternoon when I’m driving home from work is a bunch of mess.

I’m 32 years old, not 16, and when I pick a radio station I don’t want to hear the two people on the radio show talking about something with some meat to it, not trying to see how many times they can say, “I’m just saying…”

Like I said, I’ll give you people one more chance to deliver.

Turn about

I loved the story in last week’s Patriot that said “the City of Warner Robins lacks leadership. “ The article featured a councilman who was talking about his notion of poor leadership by Mayor Chuck Shaheen.

Well, let me tell you something; it could just as well have been the mayor or any city employee talking about the members of the city council because we sure haven’t seen any leadership out of them either.

Here’s an example. If there was leadership down here at city hall they wouldn’t be bringing up the law enforcement center and where it is going to be built for the 20th time!

You don’t have any idea what sorry shape the city is in right now.

NSPS to GS complaints

Spare me the crying Gov employees. Any one of these people could get a job in the private sector, but they won't. They will stay on the Government gravy train and bellyache about every perceived slight.

In an age where the private sector wealth producers are under assault it takes stones to complain about the practically job for life you have. In the meantime you continue to sap the wealth away form the producers while creating nothing.

Kudos to The Patriot

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on this important issue!

Playing the numbers

and losing

I am an NSPS employee. Many folks made a lot of money while in NSPS yet it's not enough. The overpaid high priced "more skilled workforce" is a joke and are nothing more than spoiled babies. They, in effect, have made more money than they would have otherwise. Be thankful you have a job! And as far as the "extra" money I feel very confident that most if not all will go to place employees to the next highest step in the GS system. NSPS allowed moves that were disproportionate to some employee's skill level or grade level equal to GS. These employees could see increases in their salary near 10,000 or more dollars. That is a problem and an unintended consequence of NSPS. But it is what it is.


Thank you Mr. Rector for taking a stand and confirming what many believed to be the case.

The rush to GS conversion is solely an effort to steal NSPS employees performance award $s. What good is a pay pool without payouts?

Our DOD/AF senior leadership is morally bankrupt and incompetent. Career broadening is nothing more than passing the trash.

Class action lawsuit - where do I sign-up?

Taking the OSHA side

This is the most ridiculous article ever written.

Tidwell has never done an honest days work in his life. He is a pathetic employee who does nothing but help other sorry employees get out of work. If he was educated himself, he would be ashamed of his actions. He is a joke and all employees in 169 know it.

(Editor's note: Say what you will about Tidwell, but OSHA's subsequent seems to vindicate him.)

The rest of the story

If anyone really wants to know what’s wrong in bldg 169 all they need to do is ask a REAL worker. No truth will be told by union reps or vpp reps (oops one in the same). There is not a sincere bone in their bodies. They don't care about the workforce in bldg 169. They all have their own agendas and I assure you it doesn't involve our safety.

Consider the source

Mr. Tidwell, AFGE Safety Rep…. what a joke! Most people who know him believe the only reason he even got involved with the VPP program was to try and finagle a safety or quality job out of it, not because he was worried about anyone’s safety.

Let’s think about this for a moment. Bldg 169 is suppose to be a truly unsafe site to work in and has been for years and years, so why did Mr. Tidwell help certify the Bldg as a VPP Safe Site in 2000?

What hazard?

I truly don’t know what all the fuss is about. Building 169 has got to be one of the safest buildings you can work in. Every time I walk into it, I see a lot of people standing around not doing anything.

If its employees are going to be harmed by anything then it’s going to be from too much coffee drinking, smoke breaks, cell phone usage and stabbing each other in the back. Two of the reasons why Mc McClellan AFB shut its doors were because it regulated itself out of work and labor issues.

Looks like Robins wants to follow them.

Perils of the deep

What I want to know is why they don’t let people go swimming down at Houston Lake anymore? My Daddy tells me that when he was little that was about the only place to go swimming.

Since the county put so much money into fixing the Houston Lake Bridge after the Big Flood they should have set aside a public swimming area.

So, back to my question: Why can’t we go swimming in Houston Lake?

(Editor’s Note: So the alligators won’t eat you.)

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