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Two birds, one stone

If the idea is to put the Law Enforcement Center in a high crime area, why not use the Prince Street site? I suggest we build a 5 million dollar building like the voters agreed to in the SPLOST and use the rest of the money to hire more cops.

A new building will do nothing to slow the out of control crime rate in our city. Maybe we could even hire some minority members and put them on the streets in the areas predominately minority-based.

We all should be ashamed to have only 4 percent minorities on our police force.

Highhanded, maybe?

It would seem the city council handed the mayor his head on a platter with last week’s vote against the LEC on Russell Parkway. Even if he did have a better idea, his "steamroller" tactics are precisely why he lost - not only the LEC location but also choosing the members of the Downtown Development Authority.

Mayor Shaheen still has a lot to learn before mastering Politics 101.

Other options

I think the city council should consider using the old store on the corner of Green Street and Houston Road for the new Law Enforcement Center. That is the side of town that needs a strong police presence and residents of the area would welcome the LEC as a gift from God.

Mayor Shaheen and city council, please at least look at all options including new ones that have not yet been discussed..

Get it straight

I can't figure out why the Mayor has any opposition regarding the Foodmax location, especially if can build the LEC there, and not raise our City property taxes.

I believe we will have to lay off city employees if we have to float a bond to finance the balance of the LEC if it's built at the Perkins site. In other words, Bob Wilbanks, Paul Shealy, and Mike Daley want to raise taxes!

(Editor’s Note: I doubt any of those named by you want to see taxes raised. Also, Mayor Shaheen was not opposed to the LEC being on Russell Parkway. If anything he was the chief proponent for putting it there.)

Robbins is wrong

I strongly disagree with Tony Robbins about the cost of the LEC on Russell Parkway. He is only saying this because he owns property net to Perkins field and this will, he thinks, enhance his ability to sell his property for more money when he sells.

As far as the school being located near the FoodMax, that’s not a problem. There’s was a Fire station built not more than 3 years ago right across from Westside Elementary School on a 2 lane road with much more traffic than a police station would generate.

Standing with Williams

I think what Mr. Williams is doing is GREAT for the city of Warner Robins by trying to save the city from higher taxes. apparently Councilman Bob Wilbanks and others don’t care about that.

Wasting money, time

you know they will end up widening Kimberly. Plans are already in play to replace the bridge on Kimberly with a three-lane bridge. When detainees are released from the police station they leave through the front door, which in this instance would be next door to a liquor store and an elementary school. When some perv snatches a kid there be hell to pay.

If we have already voted two times about moving the LEC and it has twice been defeated, how much money has been wasted travelling to Henry County and other places? I want somebody to answer that question.

Who’s driving this buggy anyway?

Who elected Gary Lee and James Dodson to city office? I don't remember seeing their names on any ballot.

If there is not something underhanded about his FoodMax deal, then why did Mayor Shaheen try so hard to pass it immediately, at a special called meeting, when few citizens will be there?

If Shaheen thinks we can afford all these new parks, then we ought to be able to afford a new police station, not one rigged up in an old grocery store.

The police and the citizens would have been shortchanged if the mayor’s plan had gone through.

Stop wasting time

Why aren’t mayor and council following the master plan that cost the taxpayers $300,000? The issue has already been discussed by mayor and council, voted on and consent to by the public and adopted as the plan to follow.

This plan was prepared by experts in the field, not local politicians. It is a waste of money and time that the mayor and council do not follow this plan.

Save the big bucks

I think using a vacant building is such a great idea. The police could have a great place in just six months and save millions. At a time of great recession in the USA, we need to spend money more wisely. The police do not need to be right beside the city hall. Russell Parkway is not as busy as Watson and would become a great corridor for police to disperse across the city. Let save millions and time..

Silence in its place

It is so true as JaLynn Hudnall wrote a few issues ago in The Patriot that children should not be brought to certain events, weddings, awards, and especially funerals.

This happened to me at a funeral recently. The preacher could not be heard and the man took the child out twice, but did not keep him out.

You have every right to be upset. Why do these people not understand?


Isn't it ironic that whenever an issue is discussed concerning Robins AFB it is about the preservation and growth of the civilian workforce and a total disregard of what is best for the defense of the United States.

Robins AFB exists as a jobs program!

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